Contours Hallswell Ellesmere 2008


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12 Feb 2015

This dataset was first added to Canterbury Maps Data Service on 12 Feb 2015.

This dataset is the first of a series that NZ Aerial Mapping (NZAM) is producing to support the response to the 22 February 2011 earthquake in
Canterbury. It is a collection of products created from airborne LiDAR point
cloud datasets. The data supply includes the following products:
• Project extent data
• Classified LiDAR point cloud data
• 0.5m interval contours
• 1-dimension DEM difference model
The extent of coverage of this a dataset is shown in a map in Appendix A.
11261A01NOP Readme.pdf

Layer ID 7679
Data type Vector multilinestring
Feature count 771541
Services Vector Query API, Web Feature Service (WFS), Catalog Service (CS-W)